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The TORRO 40th anniversary book, "Extreme Weather: Forty Years of the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation" is now available to buy online.
You can purchase the book from John Wiley & Sons.
Extreme Weather Book Cover
The date for the TORRO Annual Spring Conference is Saturday 22nd April 2017 at:
Oxford Brookes University:
Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane, Oxford, OX3 0BP,
GIBBS Building: Room 117
Presentations will include:
  • Annual Reviews for 2016
  • Investigation of Tornadoes and Waterspouts in Ireland in 2016
  • Intense rainfall, flash floods and walls of water
  • Investigations following the storm of 17 November 2016

  • Full details of the programme and registration is available for download HERE. Word Icon

    The latest Severe Weather Reports from TORRO can be found by following this link: SEVERE WEATHER FORECAST

    These forecasts are issued by TORRO staff to highlight the probability of events such as severe thunderstorms and tornados.
    More information about the types of forecasts can be found on the Severe Weather Forecasting Online page.

    Severe Weather Forecast
    TORRO relies on reports of severe weather from the public, as well as those reported in the media.
    The more reports that we receive and the more witnesses we can talk too, the better it is for our research.
    If you have witnessed any form of severe weather, be it a tornado, lightning, hail etc, then tell us about your experiences by filling in our Report Form and give us as much information as you can. These reports are then passed to one of our local Site Investigators who may contact you for more information.

    Recent events for which TORRO is seeking information
    Type of Event
    Data Required
    Central & Eastern England 27th August 2016 Large Hail/Lightning/Wind Damage Locations, Times, Damage Reports, Images and Video.
    Southern Scotland & Eastern England 20th July 2016 Large Hail/Lightning Large hail caused damage in parts of southern Scotland during the morning and across eastern England during the afternoon.
    TORRO will be interested in any photographs or reports of damage.
    UK 1st & 2nd July 2015 Large Hail Locations, Times, Damage Reports, Images and Video.
    England & Wales 25th January 2014 Squall Line Locations, Times, Damage Reports, Images and Video.
    Mid & Southern UK 27th/28th October 2013 Storm Damage Locations, Times, Damage Reports, Weather Data, Images and Video.
    Huby/Easingwold, West Yorkshire 25th October 2013 Tornado Locations, Times, Damage Reports, Images and Video.
    Luddendenfoot, Calderdale 25th October 2013 Tornado Locations, Times, Damage Reports, Images and Video.
    Carmathan Bay / Borth, Ceredigion 25th October 2013 Funnel Cloud Locations, Track, Times, Damage Reports, Images and Video.
    Cheshire / Yorkshire 24th October 2013 Strong Winds Locations, Times, Damage Reports, Images and Video.
    Pagenham/Bognor Regis 23rd October 2013 Tornado Locations, Times, Damage Reports, Images and Video.

    If you witnessed one of the events listed above, or any other weather event, and would like to assist with TORRO's research then please contact us using the Report Form.
    Birmingham Tornado 10th Anniversary
    On the 28th July 2005 at around 13:30 BST the strongest tornado to touch down in the UK since 1954 struck Birmingham.
    It travelled nearly 12 km and caused an estimated £40m worth of damage.
    Read more about this event in our Press Release: Birmingham Tornado 10 Year Anniversary.pdf
    Birmingham Tornado
    The IJMet website has been undergoing some work but it is now fully operational again.
    Have a look at the new site at WWW.IJMET.ORG
    TORRO has created a TORRO You Tube Video Channel to display any videos that we are sent and to link to other weather related
    videos which are on You Tube.
    We will try to upload all the videos which are sent to us by members of the public or as part of a site investigation so that they can be used
    for future reference.
    If you have a video of an event that you think would be useful to TORRO then please send the details using the Report Form.
    Large files, images and videos can now be uploaded HERE.
    The TORRO Gallery was closed due to a server move and the need for a rebuild of the whole gallery.
    TORRO is pleased to announce that this work is now complete and the new-look TORRO Gallery is now open.
    All of the images contained in the old gallery have been included, but unfortunately most of the detail on these images has been lost in the move so if you have submitted images in the past then please look through the collection and give Ian Loxley the image number and any details that you may have for your images so that he can add them to the gallery.
    The new gallery allows you to comment on and rate the images using a 5 Star rating system, comments are moderated by the gallery admin prior to publication.
    Although there is a facility to register so that you can upload your own images to the gallery, this is not yet open so please contact Ian if you have any images that you would like included in the gallery.

    International Journal of Meteorology
    Started in 1975, IJMet is the associate journal of TORRO to publish the research into UK and international severe weather events.
    Some types of TORRO membership include a subscription to IJMet or you can just order copies direct.

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    For information about the publication of any of the featured photographs please contact Ian Loxley using the Contact Form.

    Important Notice: Photo's submitted to TORRO (Tornado and Storm Research Organisation) are given knowing they may be displayed by the Organisation on the TORRO gallery. TORRO make no monetary gain from this display and the copyright © of all images at all times are retained by the photo owner. No other use of the image will be permitted by TORRO without the express permission of the owner.