UK Hailstorms Index

Student Database of Recent Hail Events
A quick view reference for public use of historical hail events from 2002 up to 2006. Providing information on dates, intensity, size and location. Also links to explanations and download in excel format.

Public Research Database covering 25 Years of all Known Significant Hail Events
The TORRO database of recorded events is now available to all research bodies. Please note you will be required to register this download via password protection. Please contact an administrator about access. This database is freely available to Full TORRO Members who should contact an administrator or make a request in the Torro Members Forum.

Hail Data Administrator: Jonathan Webb

UK Hailstorm Extremes
This page documents the Hail extremes that have occured in the UK, for example Most intense hailstorm and the heaviest hail stone.

52 most intense hailstorms in Britain
This page lists and locations and intensity of the 50 most damaging hailstorms from 1650 to date.

TORRO Hail Scale
Here you will find the TORRO hail storm intensity scale.