An Introduction to TORRO

The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation or 'TORRO' is a privately supported research body, serving the national and international public interest.

Founded in 1974, data-collection, research and co-ordination is undertaken by the Directors of TORRO, which is supported by some 300 to 400 observers, investigators and other contributors. Most supporters are British, with a smaller number from elsewhere in Europe and across the world.

Work by all TORRO Staff - the Directors, Executives, European Representatives, and all members and supporters is undertaken voluntarily. Until 1998, all funding was undertaken by the Directors with the help of donations. In 1998 the official membership scheme was launched to ease the increasing financial burden. Providing non-profit making financial security and safeguarding the future of the organisation. TORRO Staff are composed of professional and amateur meteorologists, with academic qualifications ranging from novices to doctorates: the only requirement is an interest in the subject area, enthusiasm and a desire to add to the body of scientific knowledge for the good of mankind.

The core of TORRO's activity has been in data collection, site investigations and climatological research. Despite limited budgets TORRO has expanded into other areas such as forecasting and the growth of core activities from the British and Irish starting-point to a continental scale now encompassing all of Europe.