This form is to aid those members interested in undertaking tornado site investigations for TORRO. Please fill out this form whilst investigating. Thank you.

Your Name__________________________________________________________________________

Membership No._____________________________________________________________________

Tel. No____________________________________________________________________________

Email Address______________________________________________________________________

Time and Date of Investigation?____________________________________________________

Time and Date of Event?____________________________________________________________
Location of Damage Path?___________________________________________________________


If not known you may wish to contact emergency services or media for more 
information. (Always state representation to TORRO)

4. Orientation of Damage Path (degrees or compass reading)_________________________
Stand on damage path and take compass reading of the direction from which the 
tornado emerged. Often this will be somewhere between SW and NW. If you are in 
doubt, check mid level steering winds for that time and day.

5. Transfer the information to your O.S. or street map. Draw a pencil line from 
your position using the compass reading. Where the line intercepts roads or 
hedgerows etc. look for associated damage ie. Missing roof tiles, tree damage, 
windows blown out etc.

6. Locate point of touchdown and note O.S. Map reference. Continue on foot for 
the entire length of the damage path. Note O.S. Map reference where tornado lifted.

7. Touchdown OS ref________________________________________________________________

8. Lifted OS ref___________________________________________________________________

9. Always obtain permission before accessing private land.

10. Take photographs of damage and eyewitness details and statements.

11. Damage Path Max. Width_________________________________________________________

12. Damage Path Max. Length________________________________________________________

13. Report basic summary of events on the TORRO Forum (if you're a member) or use the
Severe Weather Report form on the TORRO Website:

14. Send completed forms to my address which is in the TORRO handbook under 
directors or post in the severe weather reports section of the BBS.

15. You may wish to write a detailed paper for publication in the 
International Journal of Meteorology   Email 

Useful Kit:
Clip board and ID badge | O.S. and street maps | Camera | Mobile Phone | Compass | Walking Boots and Waterproofs | TORRO fact sheet for media enquiries